Forde Abbey
Forde Abbey
Forde Abbey Lakes
Forde Abbey is 7.1 Miles from our B&B

Forde Abbey

Forde Abbey in Dorset is a treasure in an area already known for its outstanding beauty. It is a family home as well as a living and breathing working estate, and welcomes visitors all year round

In the peaceful solitude of its secluded position it is possible to imagine just how Forde Abbey looked to many of its previous owners, from its mediaeval beginnings to the present day: monks going about their daily round of work and prayer; prosperous parliamentary gentlemen discussing the cavalier threat; gifted philosophers debating the imponderable; elegant Victorian ladies fanning themselves by the fireside; and country gentlemen going about their work on the estate.

Each part of Forde Abbey’s history can be clearly read in the architecture and structure of the house and garden. It is a living testament to the people who have lived and worked here over the past nine centuries, and makes it one of the most fascinating buildings in the country.

The Abbey Nursery

The Abbey Nursery is situated adjacent to the walled Kitchen Garden at Forde Abbey. You can visit the nursery, and adjoining gift shop, without having to purchase an admission ticket for the House or Garden.

They offer a seasonally-ever-changing selection of herbaceous perennials and grasses. Their range includes the rare or unusual, reliable garden stalwarts and recently-introduced species and cultivars. Most of what they sell is produced on site and can be seen growing in display beds around the sales area or in the surrounding 30-acres of garden.

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