Branscombe beach
Branscombe Iron Works
Branscombe Iron Works
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Branscombe Beach
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Branscombe is 11.9 Miles from our B&B


Branscombe is one of the most relaxing and picturesque villages on the East Devon's Jurassic Coastline. Believed to be the longest village in the country, it sweeps down along a spectacular valley, past colourful cottages down to the sea.

There are pretty rows of thatched cottages with hanging baskets and climbing roses, a picturesque dovery and a church with one of the most inspiring views in the county, if not further afield. Life centres around the two pubs, the Fountain Head and the Masons Arms.


Branscombe has walks that cater to all abilities with beautiful historical strolls or cliff-top climbs and views out to sea. All offer coastal views and a chance to explore and discover the natural surroundings of the Jurassic Coast UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stop for a drink at the Sea Shanty Cafe beside Branscombe Beach, and enjoy the vista out to sea.

Branscombe Iron Works

Branscombe Forge was built around 1580 and is believed to be the oldest thatched working forge in the county. For over 400 years generations of blacksmiths have toiled over red hot metal at Branscombe Forge while carrying out their daily work.

Over the centuries the stone walls and thatched roof of the building have provided blacksmiths with shelter and much needed protection from the elements while performing their craft.

The showroom is open all year and if you're lucky you'll catch the blacksmith at work crafting beautiful ironwork.

Manor Mill

Manor Mill is in full working order and if you visit the mill during opening hours you can watch it come to life.

Branscombe once had four working mills – two for grist (grain), a saw mill and a gypsum mill near the beach. Manor Mill is the only mill that remains in full working order and if you visit the mill during opening hours you can watch it come to life. When the waterwheel turns, the lime-washed walls shudder and the wooden cogs start to wheeze as the worn old stones send clouds of flour dust into the air.

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